Hit The Road (Expat Cinema)

The Iranian director Panah Panahi, son of Jafar Panahi ('Taxi Teheran', '3 Faces'), debuts with a road movie following a family of four. While father is murmuring instructions from the back of the car, the hyperenergetic youngest son dances and jumps around the car. The oldest son, a taciturn adult, is driving. Mother tries to keep the atmosphere light, and to talk as little as possible about the imminent goodbye. The result is a film that gradually builds emotional momentum as it reveals the furtive purpose for their journey, and swings from comedy to tragedy en route with dexterity and force.

EXPAT CINEMA is our monthly screening of a brand-new non-English arthouse film with English subtitles.

Regisseur: Panah Panahi
Speelduur: 93 min
Taal: FA
Ondertiteling: EN
Releasedatum: 2022-04-27
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